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Marsh Paintings by Karen Hewitt Hagan
Dream_State_30x30_Hagan_web.jpg (142936 bytes)
Dream State
Oil 30x30 $4200 
Awake_for_the_First_Time_30x40_Hagan__web.jpg (120350 bytes)
Awake for the First Time
30x40 Oil $4500
Big_Sky_Over_The_Island__web.jpg (183668 bytes)
Big Sky Over the Island
40x30 Oil $4500

Between_the_Dim_and_the_Dark_8x32__web.jpg (87884 bytes)
Between the Dark and The Dim Oil 8x32 $1200 by Karen Hewitt Hagan


Where_the_Water_Leads_Me_c_2011_6x6_Hagan_web.jpg (32392 bytes)
Where the Water Leads Me
Oil 6x6 $350
The_Joining_of_All_that_Matters__30x10_each_Hagan_c_2011_web.jpg (39955 bytes)
The Joining of All the Matters
2 Oils 30x10 each  Sold
30x30_Last_Light_Hagan_web.jpg (57404 bytes)
Last Light
3ox30 Oil $4200
Let_the_Waters_Settle_24x30_Hagan_c_2011__web.jpg (157617 bytes)
Let the Waters Settle
Oil   24x30 
Lowcountry-Light-_web-Orig-40x30.jpg (184310 bytes)
Lowcountry Light
Oil 40x30 $4500
Spring_Marsh_Hagan_30x40_4500_Medium.jpg (84738 bytes)
Spring Marsh 
Oil 30x40 
Lowcountry_Flight_20x20_web.jpg (125361 bytes)
Lowcountry Flight
Oil 20x20 $2400

Summer_Clouds_8x8_resize.jpg (76323 bytes)
Summer Clouds
Oil 8x8 $500

Winter_Skies_12x16__web.jpg (76968 bytes)
Winter Skies
Oil 12x16 $1200
island_breeze_6x6_hagan_2011_web.jpg (123297 bytes)
Island Breeze
6x6 Oil $350

Island_Pathway_Hagan___30x35__web_Small.jpg (26766 bytes)
Island Pathway   
30x35 $4000

Morning_on_the_Kiawah_River_Oil_10x8_Hagan.jpg (70070 bytes)
Morning on the Kiawah River
Oil 10x8   $800

Sunset_on_the_Edge_of_America_6x6_Hagan_web.jpg (73772 bytes)
Sunset on the Edge of America
(Folly Beach)
Oil 6x6 sold

Wish_it_Would_Rain_30x4_Oil_FRAMED_WEB__Hagan_2010_4500.jpg (137533 bytes)
Wish it Would Rain   $4500   (Kiawah)
Oil  30x40

Clouds_Over_The_Creek_Hagan_Oil_24x30_3200.jpg (57617 bytes)
Clouds Over The Creek
24x30 Oil $4000


a_light_hits_the_gloom_4x12_500_Large.jpg (61468 bytes)
A light hits the gloom  
Oil 4x12  $400

Heading_South_20x20_Oil_Hagan_Large.jpg (86229 bytes)
Heading South
Oil 20x20 $2400

Southern_Skies_24x24_Hagan_Large.jpg (87929 bytes)
Southern Skies
Oil 24x24 $2400

Storm_over_the_Marsh_24x24_web.jpg (76498 bytes)
Storm Over the Marsh
20x24 Oil  Sold

Clouds_over_the_Island_6x8_c_2006_Hagan__web.jpg (22452 bytes)
Clouds over the Island
6x8 Oil $500

Distant_Shores_Calling_9x12.jpg_900_Medium.jpg (93009 bytes)
Distant Shores Calling
9x12 Oil  $900

Island_Sparkle_Oil_8x8_c_2006_Hagan_web.jpg (211653 bytes)
Island Sparkle
Oil 8x8 $500

Windy_Afternoon_10x8__web.jpg (99909 bytes)
Windy Afternoon 
Oil 10x8 $800

untitled_marsh_16x20_oil_Medium.jpg (73347 bytes)

Southern Skies
16x20 Oil $1950

After_All_These_Years__no_frame12x24_Original_Oil_Hagan__Kiawah_web.jpg (25307 bytes)
After All These Years 
12x24 Oil  Kiawah Island   $1200

Happy_Hour_at_Mingo_Point_4_x_16_Oil_KarenHagan_Framed_web.jpg (85783 bytes)

Island_View_16x20_Medium.jpg (60999 bytes)
Island View 
16x20 Oil $1950

Rive_rBlues_20x20_web.jpg (133460 bytes)

River Blues 
20x20 Oil $2400

Lowcountry_Creek_8x10_Hagan_Oil_web.jpg (135867 bytes)

Lowcountry Creek
Oil 8x10  $800

Rising_Moon_8x10_Hagan_2010_web.jpg (125827 bytes)
Rising Moon 
Oil 8x10 $800

River_of_Blues_8x10_Hagan_2010_web.jpg (107437 bytes)
River of Blues
Oil 8x10 $800

October_Morning__8x_10__Hagan_Medium.jpg (84595 bytes)
October Morning
Oil 8x10 $800

Peaceful_Creek_12x16_resize.jpg (86245 bytes)
Peaceful Creek
Oil 12x16 $1200

Just_Before_the_Rain_14x11_resize.jpg (67573 bytes)
Just before the Rain
Oil 14x11 $900

Tangier_11x14_resize.jpg (87946 bytes)
Tangier Island 
Oil 11x14 $900
Lowcountry_Moon_12x16_c_2011_Hagan_web.jpg (114536 bytes)
Lowcountry Moon 
12x16 Oil $1200

Moonlight_on_the_Marsh_16x20__web.jpg (127902 bytes)
Moonlight on the Marsh
Oil 16x20 $1950

lowcountry_Blues_12x16__web.jpg (118136 bytes)
Lowcountry Blues
Oil 12x16 $1200

Shem Creek 12x9 _resize.jpg (65933 bytes)
Shem Creek 
Oil 12x9 $900

The_Space_Between_12x9_c_2011_resize.jpg (73180 bytes)
The Space Between
Oil 16x12 $1200

Waterview_8x10_resize.jpg (82185 bytes)
Oil 8x10 $800

Winding_Creek__Oil_20x16_Hagan_web.jpg (238554 bytes)





Winding  Creek
24x20  $1950

The Marshes and Rivers in Charleston and the Southeast offer the most stunning view and the most excellent places for painting.  I spend many of my days standing out in the middle of the marsh painting smaller field paintings that are my reference for these larger studio works. The colors and patterns of the marsh are just mesmerizing and to me offer some of the world's prettiest natural views.  It just feels so energizing to be that close to nature, isolated and alone, and have the time to study and try to capture the beauty. 
Enjoy!  Karen

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